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Wang Donghai: the happiest thing is to participate in the temporary work "Chinese good driver"

Wang Donghai: the happiest thing is to participate in the temporary work "Chinese good driver"

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Guide: in the past 2013, for Wang Donghai (a pseudonym) from Shandong, the happiest thing is to participate in the first Shandong temporary work Chinese good driver public welfare activities. Through this activity, Wang Donghai not only received free training and assessment opportunities, but also passed professional theoretical training and strict practice

in the past 2013, for Wang Donghai (a pseudonym) from Shandong, the happiest thing was to participate in the first Shandong temporary work "good driver in China" public welfare activities

through this activity, Wang Donghai not only received free training and assessment opportunities, passed professional theoretical training and strict practical examination, obtained the national certified "vocational qualification certificate", but also became an excellent student of Chinese good drivers in Shandong. Moreover, in the event, "discovering high-quality qualities such as integrity, diligence and friendship from many unknown operators not only benefited me a lot, but also let the society know that grass-roots drivers like us can also inject positive energy into the society." Wang Donghai said frankly that this was unexpected

originally thought it was just to participate in skill learning, but in the end, it continued this learning in the form of love and public welfare. Helping the grassroots Chinese dream and delivering positive social energy is the vision of Shandong Lingong to hold the "good driver in China" public welfare activities

on February 26, without exaggerating the role of flame retardants and the function of extruded boards containing flame retardants, the second Shandong Lingong "good driver in China" public welfare activity and the Establishment Ceremony of the "good driver" club in the construction machinery industry were grandly held in Jinan, Shandong Province. On the basis of 2013, the coverage will be wider this year. While providing free vocational training, it will further tilt towards positive energy and public welfare

good technology · good driver

as an army soldier, Wang Donghai has also been engaged in many industries after he retired from the army, but none of them has developed well. Wang Donghai's cousin has been engaged in the installation industry. With their mobilization, Wang Donghai bought a loader and began to contract the project

talking about this profession, although he works fifteen or six hours a day, which is cold in winter and hot in summer, it may be because he has been a soldier and suffered hardship, so Wang Donghai doesn't feel tired, but full of passion, and works more and more

however, the rapid development of the industry and the large number of construction machinery drivers also put great pressure on Wang Donghai. After buying the loader, Wang Donghai, who studied with his cousin, knew very well that although he had been very careful in recent years, driving safely and had no accidents, driving without a license and no professional skills were still his biggest shortcomings

in fact, after careful understanding of the vocational skill certificate examination, Wang Donghai found that the state has the vocational qualification certificate examination, but the need to provide effective proof of working hours (issued by the work unit) alone baffled Wang Donghai

"most of those engaged in this profession are self-employed or engineering contractors, and there is no work unit." Just when Wang Donghai was worried, good news came

Shandong Lingong held the first "China's good driver" activity last year. This activity focuses on skill training. It not only provides the latest equipment, simulation training system and other good hardware facilities, but also authoritative certified training instructors and training materials constitute the best software guarantee

no matter whether you have purchased Shandong Lingong machinery or not, you can sign up as long as you meet the conditions. With the mentality of trying, Wang Donghai signed up to participate. Unexpectedly, he became one of the students

recalling his study in May last year, Wang Donghai could not hide his joy at loading the crew in Shandong regional training camp, which not only had outstanding skills and successfully qualified for the year-end skills challenge, but also finally won the annual excellent student award

according to Wang Donghai, for most students, their daily work is mainly practical, and they rarely have the opportunity to receive systematic theoretical training, so everyone cherishes this opportunity to receive systematic theoretical knowledge training. After the theoretical training, not only the knowledge of safe driving, machine maintenance and repair has been increased, but also the theoretical foundation has been laid for the improvement of work efficiency and comprehensive skills

Yu Mengsheng, executive president of Shandong Lingong, said that in 2014, "China's good driver" plans to set up 10 urban training camps in Chengdu, Zunyi, Harbin and other cities, covering more provinces on the basis of 2013, and comprehensively mobilize the construction machinery operators in the region to strive to increase the number of people benefited by each station

as a beneficiary, Wang Donghai encourages all drivers who have not yet obtained the qualification certificate that the post has good matching and compatibility with various grass-roots walls; and will not deform and peel under wind load to sign up. It is understood that in order to make the students' theoretical knowledge more solid, in 2014, "China's good driver" specially put the training link ahead, held an explanation meeting or test drive meeting in advance, distributed training materials, explained the key points of knowledge, introduced the examination requirements, so that the students have more time to study and prepare, so as to improve the pass rate of the examination

good people · good deeds

although Wang Donghai is grateful for the free skill training, what moves Wang Donghai most is that this public welfare activity of Shandong Lingong is not involved in brand promotion, which is very rare in today's society

"China's good driver" is the first national large-scale activity with the theme of "people" in the industry. Shandong Lingong is very clear that doing such a public welfare activity, being a good person, paying attention to people, and paying attention to the vulnerable groups in this industry is also to promote the healthy development of this industry, and then promote the healthy and harmonious development of society

in 2013, Shandong Lingong joined hands with Guo Mingyi, a national moral model and successor of Lei Feng, to form the "Guo Mingyi love Team Shandong Lingong team", and assisted in the construction of a hope primary school in Haicheng City, which is located in the mountainous area of Eastern Liaoning Province, where the relationship between the impact toughness of experimental materials and the experimental temperature can be obtained. At the press conference, Shandong Lingong once again made a commitment to assist in the construction of a "Shandong Lingong guomingyi love hope primary school" in Daliangshan, Sichuan this year, which will be the third hope primary school assisted by Shandong Lingong

in 2014, the two sides continued to cooperate, enrich and expand the scale of Guo Mingyi's love Team Shandong temporary work team, carry out public welfare baptism for the majority of practitioners, and carry out fund-raising, rescue, voluntary blood donation, rescue training and other projects in combination with urban training camps, highlighting the public welfare color of "China's good driver"

when he was in the army, he participated in flood relief and voluntary blood donation. After leaving the army, Wang Donghai still went to the blood donation point to donate blood voluntarily according to the old practice. Now, Wang Donghai has signed up to join Guo Mingyi's love Team Shandong temporary work team. Wang Donghai said that voluntary blood donation will continue in the future. In addition, he will actively participate in the activities of the caring team

in Wang Donghai's eyes, although he is familiar with Guo Mingyi's deeds, he also admires Guo Mingyi. "If you can't reach the realm of teacher Guo, you should inject positive energy into this society within your ability." Wang Donghai said that among them, many students have the dual qualities of skills and morality, and there are many places worth learning by themselves

at the press conference, the "good driver club" of the last session of excellent Chinese drivers was also officially established, and the first batch of membership cards were issued. In the future, the "good driver club" will develop actively and healthily, and become an excellent social organization in China to help the grassroots Chinese dream and continuously transmit positive energy

"I hope more people will pay attention to our group and our industry, and more enterprises will be able to participate in graphene research in China since it started early. Together with Shandong Lingong, we will do something for grass-roots drivers, society and common development." Wang Donghai said

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