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A kind of high-temperature cooking laminating adhesive with excellent performance (I)

Abstract: the high-temperature cooking composite film is mainly used to manufacture high-temperature cooking bags. The high-temperature cooking bags have a long service life at room temperature and are easy to use. However, when confirming the shrinkage rate, they have been very popular since 2012. At present, the sales volume of high-temperature cooking bags is still growing rapidly at an annual growth rate of 15%, and the market potential of product development is large

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usually at the temperature of 85 ℃, all pathogenic bacteria will be killed, but botulinum and spore bacteria, which are the most harmful, can be killed at L35 ℃ for 10 minutes, so it is required that the adhesive used to manufacture the composite film for quenching and tempering after rough processing can withstand l35cc high temperature. Polyurethane adhesive has good bonding properties, which is usually the first choice of cooking resistant laminating adhesive, but its disadvantage is that it is easy to hydrolyze under high temperature and humidity conditions and reduce the bonding strength. Therefore, how to improve the high temperature resistance and hydrolysis resistance of polyurethane adhesive under high humidity conditions is the key to develop high temperature cooking polyurethane adhesive. Our institute has developed a kind of laminating adhesive product that can withstand high temperature cooking at L35 ℃, which is widely used in the composite processing of ET, CPP, nylon film and aluminum foil. It has the advantages of stable product quality, excellent high temperature resistance, good content resistance, high composite labor time, good health and safety. The glue has been used in large quantities in many manufacturers, and users have responded well

the high-temperature cooking laminating adhesive produced by our company is a solvent based two-component polyurethane adhesive. The wear-resistant number of the product is pu-4256/dk-4206, and its basic physical properties are shown in Table 1

characteristics of high temperature cooking laminating adhesive

1, high solid content, low viscosity

it can be seen from the data in Table 2 that the viscosity of the cooking laminating adhesive product I produced is only 7 lompa · s when the solid content is 60%. This characteristic enables the adhesive to be coated under high solid content, thus reducing the use of dilution solvent, helping to reduce production costs and improve production efficiency

according to the data in Table 3, when the working concentration range of the cooking resistant laminating adhesive produced by us is between 25% and 46%, the dry basis coating amount can be controlled between 3.5G/m2 and 5.0g/m2, and the line roller can be selected between 90 and 150 mesh. For most manufacturers, different coating requirements can be applied without replacing the original coating line roller

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