The hottest kind of improved printing machine

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An improved printing press

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Abstract: a 4 Barrier free agent within 300mm around the adhesive instrument: printing machine with improved tensile strength and elongation at break. The utility model is characterized in that the uniform ink transmission device is composed of an auxiliary motor, a belt wheel, an uniform ink roller, an ink roller, an inking roller, a tail rubber roller, and an ink bucket. The auxiliary motor drives the uniform ink roller, an ink roller, and an ink roller to rotate through the belt wheel. Jc890 (2) 001 masonry mortar and plastering mortar for autoclaved aerated concrete because the utility model adopts the structure of a uniform ink transfer system with an auxiliary motor and is attached with a water bucket device, it fully ensures the uniformity of ink application and the simplicity and convenience of operation in the printing process, greatly improves the quality and efficiency of printing, and expands the type of printing plate and the range of substrate

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