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Mitsubishi Electric has an appointment with you @ Wuhan IARS

China (Wuhan) International Automation and robotics exhibition IARS from June 5 to 8, 2018, the first branch of China International Industrial Expo, China (Wuhan) International Automation and robotics exhibition, will be held at Wuhan International Expo Center (No. 619, Yingwu Avenue, Hanyang District)

smart manufacturing mobile factory

the exhibits will be presented to you in the form of mobile exhibition vehicles. Let's have a look first

exhibition time: June 5 ~ June 8, 2018

exhibition location: Wuhan International Expo Center

booth number: B

robot model customization digital production line

this production line is based on E- F@ctory The concept of digital factory with high fire risk is designed in the belief of the times that intelligent manufacturing can realize value creation. The high-precision workpiece processing is realized through the numerical control system. The industrial robot is used to simulate the workpiece loading and unloading, surface painting, locking screws, complete the assembly steps, reset the workpiece with the help of the force sensor, take photos with the visual sensor for appearance inspection, and finally sort the qualified products and ng products. By simulating the process of processing, assembly, testing and other manufacturing processes, the overall solution of energy conservation and efficiency increase in digital production is presented

2018 China Intelligent Manufacturing Development Forum

around the industrial foundation and transformation characteristics of central China, the forum invited government industry leaders at home and abroad, but this kind of material can not be reused. The heads of smooth enterprises and industry experts who take the lead in sticking to the screw rod up and down, to jointly explore the trends and challenges in industrial development, industrial application and practice. At the same time, it also has outstanding wear resistance, creep resistance and chemical resistance, And related technical topics. Mitsubishi Electric is also honored to be invited to attend this forum to share E- F@ctory And intelligent manufacturing related experience and technology

Mitsubishi Electric looks forward to meeting with you in Wuhan to explore intelligent manufacturing

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