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Mitsubishi Electric successfully concluded the 2015 China International Industrial Expo

the 2015 China International Industrial Expo was successfully concluded in Shanghai on November 7. At this exhibition, Mitsubishi Electric took the display of industrial solutions as the main line and advanced manufacturing concept E- F@ctory For the highlight, with the interpretation of high-quality products and dynamic demonstration prototype, it presents a professional and vivid feast for the audience

advanced manufacturing concept e- F@cto At present, we continue to play the game ry

the biggest highlight of this Industrial Expo is Mitsubishi Electric's integration solution e for the future manufacturing industry- F@cto Left and right rotation is optional and compact ry. As early as 2003, Mitsubishi Electric has proposed E- F@ctory The concept of integrating FA aims to reduce the comprehensive cost of enterprises, horizontally integrate various equipment of the whole manufacturing system, and realize seamless communication between equipment. At the same time, vertically integrate the enterprise information management system and FA control system, and realize the data sharing between ERP system and FA control system through MES interface. With the development of information technology, nowadays, ef@ctory After years of practice and application, it has really become a practical solution to intelligent manufacturing. At the exhibition, e- F@ctory The popularity in front of the display wall is hot, and many audiences stop

industry solutions

in this exhibition, Mitsubishi Electric took industry solutions as the main line, from paper towels, lifting, energy saving, to food, packaging, seat cushions, seat backs, headrests, which are the most used parts of polyurethane foam in automobiles, and automobile and other industries. Based on industry characteristics, Mitsubishi electric gave solutions to meet industry needs and help industry upgrading, The comprehensive solutions come from FA products with rich cost-effective categories. In the solution exhibition area of each industry, the characteristics and functions of the products applicable to the industry are also displayed one by one for the audience, which also explains the concept of your solution partner of Mitsubishi Electric once again

new robot products first appeared

at this exhibition, the latest rh-ch series compact horizontal multi joint robot was exhibited for the first time. Rh-ch series is a more space-saving compact arm, which realizes high-speed action with high productivity, and is easier to operate, program and teach. Many spectators on the scene are interested in the robot arm

solutions IQ monozukuri

collaborative development of solutions for equipment for different process uses IQ monozukuri as e- F@ctory One of the links has also been fully recognized by the audience. IQ monozukuri can realize the high-end manufacturing by providing various added values, the standardization of manufacturing by no longer relying on people, the simplification of manufacturing by no professional knowledge, and the comprehensive support of manufacturing by cooperating with partners

the latest service support tool e-book

the e-book product e-book app based on iPad allows you to learn more about our products through simple operation and rapid retrieval. At the booth, the experience area of e-book has always been very popular, and everyone can't wait to experience it

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