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Mitsubishi FA integrated solution e

Mitsubishi Electric Automation will participate in the IAC exhibition held at Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center on June, 2007. At this IAC exhibition, Mitsubishi Electric will launch the latest integrated solution E- F@ctory 。 By building a seamless communication structure of factory equipment, it can solve the problems faced by the manufacturing industry, such as how to quickly respond to changes in demand, improve the operation rate, shorten the development cycle, improve quality, reduce costs and so on, realize the informatization of the production site, make use of its data by using the information system, and make contributions to improving the overall productivity of customers

“e- F@ctory ”It is an integrated solution first introduced by Mitsubishi Electric in 2007. The so-called "e"- F@ctory "Chemical" factory is a factory built by "directly" and "real-time" obtaining various data of production performance, operation performance, quality information and other production sites from the interior of equipment and devices, and using information systems to flexibly solve various problems. Through the informatization of production system, the quality, construction period and productivity will be greatly improved. Once launched, this scheme has been highly praised by the market

whether its device is good or not will have a great impact on the experimental operation. At that time, the time for exhibitors to enter and withdraw from the hall will also be extended. In addition, as a new product launched by Mitsubishi Electric at the same time, GT15 human-machine interface and gt1020, MES interface module and low-voltage energy-saving solution will also appear on the same stage

gt15 series man-machine as a new generation of man-machine interface of Mitsubishi Electric Co., Ltd. forms an important set of expensive target products independent of query words (that is, independent of page content) for short Jia during page playing - high-performance machines in the three sub series of got1000. It adopts 64 bit processor and high-speed response of trinity of display, operation and communication. It is suitable for various FA occasions and is widely used in automobile, electronics, printing, water treatment, intelligent building and other industries

gt1020, MES interface module and low-voltage energy-saving solution are also perfectly applied in many industries. At that time, all the above products will have a special engineers' detailed section and on-site demonstration at the IAC exhibition booth reserved by Mitsubishi Electric. Mitsubishi Electric specially invites industry people to come

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