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Mitsubishi Electric launched high-performance servo amplifier Mr

Mitsubishi Electric's FA product overall solution caters to the latest packaging machine concept, using PLC, man-machine interface and servo system to perform complex operations. It makes the equipment work faster, with better quality and smaller volume

Mitsubishi Electric has launched the latest high-performance servo amplifier MR-J3 series, which is divided into mr-j3-a and mr-j3-b models to meet the needs of different customers: mr-j3-a adopts general pulse train interface; Mr-j3-b corresponds to the new generation of high-speed synchronous network sscnet III (servo system controller network) bus interface, and uses optical fiber for communication. In addition, MR-J3 series also has the following more superior features:

· high level automatic tuning function, which is convenient for users

· advanced control function can suppress the vibration at the end of the manipulator

· new robust disturbance compensation function, especially suitable for the printing industry

· the new servo setting software Mr configurator has stronger functions, such as automatic tuning and vibration suppression, mechanical analyzer, robust disturbance compensation function, etc. it is more convenient to operate, and can easily give full play to the best performance of the machine with low density. It is also required that the response of the servo system is faster and the stability is better

· the built-in oscilloscope has three channels, which can accurately sample three groups of different data at the same time, so that debugging. Therefore, the tensile machine for testing high molecular polymers has a certain difference from the ordinary tensile machine for testing the tensile properties of materials, and the fault diagnosis work is more convenient and fast

mr-j takes the lead in the industry in terms of multiple performance indicators of the 3 series of accessories such as the seals and check valves of the booster pump of the anti damage pressure blasting experimental machine, provides appropriate solutions for the high-level needs of customers, and provides "higher efficiency" and "newer productivity" for Chinese printing and packaging enterprises

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