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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Takara have successfully developed allergen decomposition filters

according to overseas media reports, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan and Kara bio, a Japanese company producing high-performance materials, have successfully jointly developed an "allergen removal filter", which uses enzymes to decompose and inactivate bacteria, fungi, viruses, lice, pollen and other allergens

in the past, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has developed a "strong enzyme sterilization filter" that destroys bacteria and fungi collected by the filter through water decomposition and natural enzymes. In 2002, through continuous innovation to overcome technical barriers and break through technical bottlenecks, it has been applied to household air conditioners, commercial air conditioners, air purifiers and other products. Through further research, your problem is that our filter can decompose and inactivate lice allergens, cat allergens, pollen and other allergens in addition to bacteria, fungi and viruses

due to the strong combination of allergens and stable chemical properties, it is particularly difficult to decompose. The "allergen removal filter" adds urea to the enzyme. First, the secondary structure of the allergen is destroyed by the auxiliary effect of urea, and then its primary structure is decomposed by enzymes, so that it can be effectively inactivated. As can be seen from table 3

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries will be equipped with "allergen removal filter" in the new household air conditioner scheduled to be launched in January 2004. After that, it is ready to be gradually applied to commercial air conditioners, vehicle air merchants, air purifiers and other products

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