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Mitsubishi Electric promotes industrial touch TFT liquid crystal display

Mitsubishi Electric will carry the TF LCD module with poor mobility equipped with projected capacitive touch screen, and will appear at the "2013 industrial computer and embedded system exhibition" held in hall 2 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from August 1 to 3 after being loaded into a certain load in Shenzhen, providing more reliable LCD with higher visibility and operation under wider temperature conditions

due to the popularity of using fingers for intuitive operation on intelligent and flat-panel terminals in recent years, industrial equipment has also been adopted, making the market demand for the corresponding projected capacitive touch screen gradually rise. In order to meet the needs of the market, Mitsubishi Electric will display nine industrial application products with sizes from 5 inches to 19 inches at the exhibition, including 6.5 VGA, 8.4 SVGA, 10.4 XGA, 12.1 XGA and 19 SXGA with standard screens; There are also widescreen WVGA types 5 and 7, WXGA types 9 and 10.6

the industrial LCD module equipped with projection capacitive touch screen provided by Mitsubishi Electric has three advantages. First of all, in order to improve the reliability of products, provide an overall solution: in addition to the touch screen, it also includes touch screen sensors, protective glass, control circuit boards, driving software and other supporting equipment

second, in order to improve the overall visibility of the screen, 2.8mm thick protective glass and unique micro wiring technology are used to make the sensor miniaturized. In order to enhance the outdoor visibility, glass bonding, protective glass strengthening treatment, antifouling treatment and other optional processing methods are provided. In terms of enhancing intuitive operation, Mitsubishi Electric uses a unique detection, control and processing technology. Even wearing gloves, it can still pinch, pinch, flick and other intuitive operations with fingers; Stable operation even in harsh environments

finally, in order to better meet industrial needs, Mitsubishi Electric launched four wide screen products, which can be widely used in a variety of industrial market fields; At the same time, it can also ensure long-term supply and meet the production needs of manufacturers

the brightness of the industrial TFT LCD displayed by Mitsubishi Electric this time is supported by 700 cd/m2 central enterprises and private enterprises to 1100 cd/m2. It can be operated at minus 20 ℃ to 70 ℃. The visual angle is 170 ℃, so it looks like there are thorns everywhere. It uses realistic color technology to achieve a clear picture, and it can also provide protective glass products using panel adhesive technology, and expand the built-in LED drive

standard screen and wide screen products can be used in industrial automation equipment, measuring equipment, ship display, railway vehicle display and advertising machine; While standard screens are more often used in bank POS machines and ATMs, widescreen products are particularly suitable for aircraft or ship displays. In addition, Mitsubishi Electric can also measure and customize LCD with special size and resolution according to customers' needs

Mr. Taniguchi fengcong, deputy general manager and director of semiconductor business of Mitsubishi Electric Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said, "because the industrial market has increased demand for TFT LCD products with built-in projection capacitive touch screen, our exhibits this year are all equipped with capacitive touch screen. We will continue to expand our product line, develop standard screens larger than 15 inches and widescreen screens between 5 and 12 inches, and meet the diversified needs of the market." Zhonghua glass () Department

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