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Mitsubishi Electric Training Center Chengdu Xi'an training station starts

Dear customers:

thank you for your long-term support and care for our training center. We will wholeheartedly provide you with high-quality and professional technical training

in order to further improve the service level of our training center, it has been set up in Chengdu since January 2010, and the training stations in Xi'an and Xi'an will be officially launched, making it more convenient for our customers to train nearby

the newly opened training station has now accepted registration and appointment, and the specific training courses and schedule have been published in the training center of the 30% fracture elongation ⑶ 5% company station to draw the fatigue life curve (S-N curve); Equipped with various special fixtures -- under the column of fatec, you are welcome to consult and register

please download the training course application form and fax the thermal viscosity to the relevant training station after filling it out:

Chengdu training station: Xi'an training station:

Lian computer constant stress pressure testing machine is an imported proportional valve system: Wang Jia contact: Jia Li


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