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Mitsubishi Electric Co., Ltd. and Kyoto University will jointly develop a technology that can easily teach action to robots

. Mitsubishi Electric Co., Ltd. and Kyoto University will jointly develop a technology that can teach action to robots through intuitive operation, so as to realize the application of robots in the "robot unit" produced by SAIC Group and Ningde period in which the shareholding ratio of SAIC in the period is 49:51 yuan. Mitsubishi Electric is good at developing industrial machines for assembly operations, and has put forward a series of solutions, hoping to promote the application of robot units. However, at present, it is very troublesome to teach when changing product varieties, and similar operations must be taught again one by one. The company put forward these problems to the research team led by Professor Kazuki Takeo, who majored in mechanical science and Engineering in the Engineering Research Department of the Graduate School of Kyoto University, and carried out joint research to find solutions. Part of this research was commissioned by Japan's new energy industry technology Comprehensive Development Agency (NEDO)

On September 25th, 2008, Mitsubishi Electric Co., Ltd. took the assembly action of embedding cylindrical parts with small clearance between holes as the subject to carry out practical verification. Generally, it is necessary to use the teaching box to move the robot a little bit to confirm the position of the workpiece, so that the robot can remember the position and decide to place the friction head in the middle. However, when confirming the position, the operator must observe from the front or back, which is very time-consuming. Kyoto University has realized the positioning by using the intuitive user interface through the application of the technology in this research

the specific operation is to display concentric lines by covering the workpiece photographed by the camera, so as to master the deviation and other information. As shown in the figure below, there is still a deviation between the position of the hole and the cylinder part, which is represented by the eccentricity of the figure on the concentric circle. A perfect concentric circle is formed when the hole is directly opposite to the cylinder part, and then the concentric circle becomes larger when the part is embedded in the hole. In this way, the time required for teaching can be shortened

"in the future, both parties will build an empirical system to confirm the effect and verify the recovery in case of errors. In addition, Mitsubishi Electric also plans to apply this technology to the production line to form products to carry out related businesses

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