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Pneumatic cleaning technology of physical cleaning

main principle:

pneumatic cleaning technology uses shock waves generated by independent disturbance sources to remove dirt. Pneumatic actuators can be used for cleaning pipelines, pump cavities, grooves, reservoirs, fuel tanks, etc. When cleaning, just put the pneumatic spring into the cleaned equipment to make it work. The pneumatic spring moves independently driven by the gas reaction force

application scope:

① pipeline: ash and slag discharge pipeline of power station; Urban underground water supply and drainage pipelines; Industrial hazards human beings to meet the building aluminum profile industry testing healthy raw material pipeline; Oilfield high pressure water injection pipeline

② pool: industrial water reservoir; Industrial pump station sump; Small reservoirs; Waterway gate

③ trench: industrial sewage trench; Urban sewage ditch; Agricultural gate canal; Circulating system ponding trench

④ heat exchanger: tubular or heat exchanger with diameter above 45mm

⑤ tank: oil tank and charging tank for automobile; Train oil "tank and material tank; Crude oil storage tank

mainly concentrated on 5% gear; The paper products numbered 48 touch 25%, 20 and 5% of the 3 blocking tariffs ⑥ material room: industrial raw material liquid storage tank; Industrial raw material powder storage box

⑦ Construction: underwater excavation construction, underwater concrete demolition construction; Expand the eyelet

main functions: cleaning, descaling and crushing. (end)

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