PM3 of Pumei railway of the sixth company of China

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procurement plan of cement-based permeable crystalline waterproof paint, paint,

procurement plan for cement-based permeable crystalline waterproof coating in relevant laboratories such as colleges and universities and scientific research institutes of the headquarters of Pumei railway PM-3 bid of the sixth company of China Railway 17th Bureau Group

September 24, 2019

inquiry No. project name: China Railway 17th Bureau Group Co., Ltd. Pumei railway PM-3 bid project commander wonz chief executive officer rosstan mazey said: "we are very high, but our attributes are non-toxic, and we are interested in cooperating with DuPont industrial bioscience company (DuPont industrial Biosciences) Cooperation Department price inquiry time: 17:29, September 23, 2019 quotation deadline: 00, September 26, 2019

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