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Dingxin Tongda IP phone PNP automatic deployment tube automatic configuration description document

Dingxin Tongda IP phone supports PNP, DHCP option, auto provision, Dingxin Tongda tube and other ways to realize automatic battery weight, which can also reduce configuration/automatic upgrade, facilitate remote upgrade and automatic distribution configuration for a large number of phones, save time, labor, efficiency, simplicity, and easy maintenance

this document mainly introduces the automatic configuration, version upgrade, configuration update and other operations of Dingxin Tongda IP phone through IPPBX and management system

one. PNP automatic configuration

pnp (plug and play) provides a configuration upgrade/deployment method based on SIP protocol communication for automatic configuration and deployment. The following describes how Dingxin Tongda IP phone + Dingxin Tongda uc200 IPPBX realize PNP automatic configuration. The projector uses optical projection method to magnify and project the V or U-shaped notch contour of the tested impact sample onto the projection screen

1. The phone enables PnP (factory default)

after the phone is connected, it will periodically send the subscribe subscription message to the multicast address. In the event header field, it should include the "subscribe" of the SIP terminal? Business, model, version and other basic information (PNP configuration is enabled by factory default, and users do not need to configure it)

pbx assigns an extension number to the phone for the first time

uc200 will display the found device information, such as supplier, model, version, IP and MAC address, in the PBX configuration list after receiving the subscribe subscription message

select the corresponding IP phone, assign the extension number, and automatically send the configuration to the phone for registration after saving

if the current phone is not in the list, you can also manually add the phone in advance and specify the extension number

after the phone receives the configuration sent, it can make the

if the follow-up comes again? If you subscribe to this terminal, you will be able to subscribe to the second page? Time reply notify inform configuration? Download address,? It needs to be configured again

3. Modify the extension information through IPPBX

if you need to change the registration information of some phones, you can modify it directly through IPPBX. After clicking the extension, the interface of modifying the extension information will pop up automatically

4. Realize batch upgrade through IPPBX

upload the phone software version to uc200, view the firmware information of the current version in the firmware management interface, and copy and paste the URL into the field in the configuration file (L)

fill in the phone model and version URL address in the corresponding phone model template file, as shown in the following figure:

after the phone is bound with the extension information, the corresponding configuration file will be automatically generated. The PNP timing cycle or phone restart operation will obtain the configuration information and version information from the PNP server. If the current version number is detected to be the same, the upgrade operation will not be performed

two. Management and distribution configuration

cloud2.0 management system launched by Dingxin Tongda Tongda can support IP phone access, centralized phone management, remote maintenance, batch configuration, batch upgrade, data backup, data recovery, alarm management, business management, log management, authority management, report management and other features, and provide the ability of data analysis. Through the management system, we can independently carry out business opening and configuration, daily operation and maintenance and other work in the multi tenant network, and realize the centralized management of large-scale equipment

the following only describes how to realize batch configuration and upgrading through management. See the user manual for other business functions

1. Batch configuration

Dingxin Tongda management system supports uploading CFG configuration files and excel quick configuration files. The following describes how to use Excel to realize batch distribution configuration of IP phones quickly and efficiently

(1) first import the IP phones into the management system in batches, download the excel template, and import the SN number and name of the equipment into the management system in the form

(2) the user can configure the data to be set for each phone in Excel in advance (download the form template in the management system). Personalized configuration can be made for each phone, such as network information, SIP account registration information, LDAP and remote directory. The management will automatically send configuration to the corresponding phone according to the phone Sn number and MAC address filled in the form. The following figure shows the configuration example of SIP account and SIP server distributed to each phone:

(2) create an upgrade task, create an upgrade task in the task management menu, select the devices that need to be upgraded in batch, and continue to the next step

(3) create a distribution configuration task, create a configuration distribution task in the task management menu, select the previously added phone configuration resource file (i.e. the imported configuration table), which can be set to execute immediately, or set a certain time point to execute the distribution configuration task, and automatically send the configuration data to the phone in the table after the task is executed

(4) after task execution, you can view the execution result report in the management

2. Tube batch upgrade

(1) upload the firmware of the phone version in the Upgrade Resource menu interface,

(2) create an upgrade task in the task management menu, select the akulon XS crystallization speed in the bubble is much slower, select the equipment that needs batch upgrade, and continue to the next step

you can customize the task name and select the firmware version that needs to be upgraded. You can set it to execute immediately or set a time point to execute the upgrade task. After the task is executed, the selected phone will be upgraded automatically

change the common sense of safety protection and maintenance methods of the experimental machine remarks: This article only introduces the data configuration and firmware upgrade commonly used by customers. Dingxin Tongda IP phone supports a variety of batch configuration and upgrade methods. For more abundant applications and management system functions, please contact technical support for consultation

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